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Thank you for your interest in applying to our gallery! Cottonwood Gallery & Arts will function as a cooperative. Member artists can choose their level of participation in gallery events, meetings, as well as being available to volunteer and run the store. Membership levels and their requirements are shown below: 

Level 1

Commission: 10%

Membership Fee: $75/quarter (3 month commitment)

Volunteer Work: 3-4 days/month

Level 2

Commission: 15%

Membership Fee: $100/quarter (3 month commitment)

Volunteer Work: 1-2 days/month

Level 3

Commission: 20%

Membership Fee: $125/quarter (3 month commitment)

Volunteer Work: None

Level 4

Commission: 25%

Membership Fee: $65 for one month

Volunteer Work: None


The Process


Download and fill out an application/contract and email, or mail it to us at 1214 L Street, Aurora, NE 68818. Along with the application, please send us 3-5 pictures of artwork and an artist biography. Upon submission, we will review your artwork and application and send a written or spoken reply within a week. Email us with any questions at


The Review Committee is looking for:

  • Locally handmade fine arts & artisan crafts

  • Unique and High-quality craftsmanship

  • Accepted items include: wall art (painting, drawing, etc.), fiber and textile art, glass, ceramics, wood, jewelry, prints, and sculpture.

  • A cohesive body of work (at least 3-5 pieces)

  • Art that is ready to be displayed (ex. framed, wire or sawtooth hanger, packaged prints, etc.)

  • A brief artist biography

Note: It is the policy of the Gallery to refrain from explanations as to its decision concerning the non-acceptance of applicants. Critiques of artist’s work not accepted will not be given. Members are chosen not only on the strength of their work but also on the vacancies that are available at the gallery at the time of the application. Please keep in mind, if you are not accepted, we may have simply had “too many painters” or “too many photographers”. Artists may be placed on a waiting list due to space limitations or media requirements of the gallery.

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