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Tori Swanson


2-D Art



I am an artist based in Nebraska! My passion as a painter is to capture rural life with light and color, and show others the beauty in the simple. I graduated in 2017 with a BA in Art from Hillsdale College, and have since pursued a career as an artist.

While my main mediums are oil and watercolor, I also enjoy acrylic, charcoal, and graphite. My goal is to call attention to the beauty and dignity of God’s creation, and ultimately I hope that my art brings others joy and peace.

Besides art, my other passions are cooking, chilling with my dog Oakley, and anything outdoorsy!


Desiree Christenson


Painting and Mixed Media



Painting and crafting in her grandma’s sewing room is one of Desiree’s earliest and favorite memories. Following in her grandma’s and mother’s footsteps, Desiree has always been busy creating art. From jewelry making to re-purposing to painting, she describes most of her art as whimsical and eclectic. She especially enjoys experimenting with acrylic paint on canvas, wood, and glass.


Desiree also loves to help others tap into their artistic side. She has led paint parties and classes for all ages and ability levels. Groups of friends, coworkers, and 4-H club members have all ended up successful artists under Desiree’s step-by-step guidance.

Originally from Northern California, Desiree now calls Aurora, Nebraska home. She and her husband, Phil, enjoy camping, fishing, live music, making barn quilts, and traveling.


Judy Brumbaugh

Painting and Mixed Media


Judy paints vibrant abstract mixed media pieces.


Kelsey Gooder

Kelsey Pralle Gooder grew up on a small farm near Wymore Nebraska which continues to influence her work today. You will find the influence of farm animals, farm machinery/equipment, and farm life in her body of work.


She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education with an Emphasis in Art K-12 and currently works as a K-12 Art Educator at Hampton Public School in Hampton Nebraska. Because of her work as an educator she dabbles in many different mediums in teaching students what art has to offer and what they are working on in the classroom can affect what she is working on in her own studio. Her favorite mediums to work in are acrylics, watercolors, and pastels.


She is passionate about sharing her love and joy for art with her students and with those who enjoy it! She looks at her ability as a gift given from God to which He deserves all the glory. 


For each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s grace. -1 Peter 4:10


Tanya Grosshans

Tanya Grosshans is a small town Artist from Aurora, Nebraska. She is a wife, and mother to four wonderful children.  She uses acrylic in most of her creations on canvas, finding inspiration from the Midwest landscapes and farmsteads she’s known since childhood.  Old buildings, windmills, and cattle often find their way into her artwork, though she’s willing to branch out into just about any subject her clients request.
Tanya has always wanted to find a way to continue her passion for painting.  Even in elementary school, art was the highlight of her day. After finishing high school, getting married and starting a family, artistry was put on hold, though she found ways to express her creativity throughout her home and in gifts she made for friends and family.  Now that her children are  all in school, she can devote more time to her art.  Her pieces are often displayed at the local boutique, in Jim’s Usave pharmacy, and exhibited at local events.  She also attended The Cattlemans Ball in 2018.  
Tanya views each day as a blessing from God.  She is grateful for every moment, either with her family or in her home studio.  She gives all credit to her Creator for,” He has made everything beautiful in its own time.”  Ecclesiastes 3:11  
You can find her on Facebook at The Country Canvas and also purchase her work at thecountrycanvas.com.


Kate Laing

Kate Laing (Lionheart Canyon Studio) is a weaver and collage artist. The great outdoors and our National Parks wildly inspire her work. She is drawn to the red rocks of the American Southwest's wilderness, and the forested areas of our Nebraska landscapes — and traits of both inspirations can be found in her woven and collage work. 


Kate is currently based in Omaha with her heeler rescue pup (and studio buddy), Sage Biscuit. She attended both the Minneapolis College of Art & Design and Hastings College (BA Studio Art, 2016); and has been featured in various publications, podcasts and gift guides. Hiking, kayaking and thrifting/exploring local businesses are some favorite pastimes.


To view additional fiber and collage works, please visit lionheartcanyonstudio.com — or explore my Instagram corner at @lionheartcanyonstudio.


D&M Stained Glass

Stained Glass


D&M Stained Glass work with glass, lead came, copper foil and solder. They enjoy making small stained glass pieces like Sun-catchers. Hanging them in your home gives pops of color to rooms as well as showing what interests you might have.


Teresa Miller




Studio TJM started as a small business for my creative energies. One project will often lead to several others and I enjoy making and creating every day. If you don’t see it, contact me and I can create something special for you. I would love to bring your vision to life! I visualize and get inspiration for my work from many other creative souls out there and also from my love of travel. I love to experience other cultures, their food and their arts and crafts. I oftentimes start a piece not knowing fully where it will go, and intuitively it will come to me as I’m working and creating. I love this about my work and my process. I find joy in tying knots and beading as well as weaving and crochet.

Anna Marie Steffenson.jpg

Anna Marie Steffenson

Anna Marie Steffenson is an international artist who grew up half in the Middle East and half on her family farm in Nebraska, 50 miles east of Aurora.  She has developed a new watercolor technique called Rashatain that allows her to push the physical limitations within that medium.  Anna Marie specializes in watercolor and bilingual calligraphy.  Her body of work focuses on bridging cultures. 

Anna Marie’s work is found in private, public, corporate, and religious collections throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.  You can find her work at AnnaMarieSteffenson.com

Cindy McClellan - BeNt Shadows.jpg

Cindy McClellan - BeNt Shadows

Sculpture and Photography


Simple, sculptural and peaceful describes the BeNt Shadows art. Light and shadows transform throughout the day allowing the art to be ever changing.

Cindy McClellan is from Aurora, Nebraska. She has been showing art in galleries since 1995. Her primary focus is on simple shapes.

"BeNt . . . it all started with an artist challenge to paint on bent canvases. I used bendy plywood as the structure. Since I am more of a sculptor than painter, I was not sure what my bent artwork would be. I built the background and late at night, I was moving 20 foot sticks of steel rod over the top of the bent wood background and wow . . . bent shadows! The shadows cascaded across the piece and I was fascinated by the line and shapes, thus the concept of Bent Shadows was born." — Cindy McClellan

The pieces are influenced by simple lines and shadows found in everyday objects. In a sometimes over stimulating world, BeNt Shadows art gives you moments of a peaceful pause for your eyes to relax.


Jon Bigelow



I am a Nebraska photographer with a passion for anything that allows creative freedom. My interest in the arts started at a young age with a love for drawing and was recently revitalized about a year ago when I started hyperrealism drawing. However, patience never being a strength of mine; I needed a new creative outlet and started exploring photography.

I love capturing landscapes in a unique way and showing off the beauty that can be found locally.  I find the process of driving to a location, exploring, and composing shots to be very calming and relaxing as well as extremely rewarding.  I have since branched out into other forms of photography, but nothing will ever beat the feeling of a solo hike in Nebraska with a camera in hand.

If you are interested in seeing some of my other landscape photos, please check out my Instagram: BiggieThePhotographer


Rhonda Bruggeman

Fused Glass and Pottery


My name is Rhonda Bruggeman. I am the artist behind the scenes of Rhonda's Bits of Glass in Papillion, Nebraska. I work from my home studio full time as a glass artist. I have art in 3 area co-op galleries. I work with glass in many forms, including powdered glass, frits, sheet glass, molton glass called vitrigraph, as well as non fusible glass creating mosaics and garden stones. I began working with glass in 1999. I began as a self taught stained glass and mosaic artist. I stopped for awhile and began working with fused glass full time in 2015. I am constantly learning new techniques to offer a wide variety of styles. I do accept commission work from time to time. I participate in several local art and craft shows to support local causes, as well as juried shows.


Dorothy Lambert

Oil Painting


Dorothy is an oil painter with a unique style of painting landscapes of scenes she has experienced in Nebraska and surrounding states.


Danielle Dewees



A designer and artist living near Lincoln, Nebraska, Danielle holds a BFA from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. She is a member of the Mid America Print Council, Lincoln Artists' Guild, and Association of Nebraska Art Clubs. She exhibits her work locally and regionally, and her work has been recognized with multiple awards. In 2019, in a competition coordinated by the Nebraska Arts Council, her work was chosen for Nebraska's first Support the Arts license plate. Her work was selected for the 2018 BFF Banner Art Project.


Danielle works mostly in linocut relief prints. With thoughtful and purposeful execution, bold lines, and solid shapes, her printmaking style is heavily influenced by her experience and background in graphic design.

She is interested in conservation and science-informed artwork. Her work explores the natural environment, landscapes, and wildlife of the Great Plains. She aims to inspire viewers to investigate the subjects of her work and discover a deeper appreciation for the natural world.​


Marjorie Troyer

My name is Marjorie Troyer. I graduated with a degree in graphic design from Wayne State College. I do some graphic design work if asked (like logos, brochures, etc.), but I found myself having more fun playing around in photoshop. I like painting with pictures. Digital art for me has a fantasy element because my imagination is endless. I love layering photos and making whole new images. I make and tweak filters and add endless layers upon layers like brush strokes until I get the image I want. I have been selling my art for over 10 years and I am excited to be a member of Cottonwood Gallery and Arts!


Britton Bailey



As a native Nebraskan my photography is deeply rooted in Nebraska’s native prairies, river basins, wildlife, plants and insects. Living in Aurora keeps me close to many of those wild places and things that I have a passion to photograph and learn about. Photography allows me to tell stories visually.


Everyday there is something new to explore and a new way to see our world. My goal is not to limit myself to a single genre of photography. I hope my Instagram gallery backs that up. If you follow me you will find a few examples of my short nature videos and time lapse photography. It keeps life exciting. I am currently working on projects to take me down a more creative vein of fine art photography. 


I plan to keep a wide offering of photos and a series of photo cards available at Cottonwood Gallery.

Follow me on Instagram: @bfbinstailey

Eugene Thieszen New Head Shot.jpg

Eugene Thieszen



Gene is an avid landscape and weather photographer who dabbles in a bit of wildlife and astrophotography. During the months of April, May and June, if there is a severe storm in the area, Gene is likely to be nearby capturing pictures and video. Later in summer, he often embarks on a trip to New Mexico and Arizona to photograph the lightning-rich storms of the southwest desert monsoon in the midst of stunning landscapes. An autumn excursion to one of the US National Parks to photograph colorful landscapes is usually on his schedule as well.


Currently living in western Kansas, Gene was raised on a farm in York County, NE where his love of the weather and open landscapes of the US Central Plains began and grew. His interest in photography began while he was a high school student and has transitioned from black and white film photography into the intriguing world of capturing and processing digital images. He usually has his camera equipment with him wherever he goes because he knows God's good creation is filled with beautiful surprises.


Gene has lived in the African nation of Botswana where he initially served as a bush pilot, providing transport to remote locations for church and mission personnel as well as doctors and other medical professionals. He later worked as a theological extension educator among Botswana's rural indigenous churches. Since returning to the USA he has been a pastor in rural congregations in Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma. In addition to his photography hobby, Gene enjoys travel, fishing and bird-watching.


Alissa Hansen



        I grew up in Overland Park, Kansas and in 2004, received my Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art, with an emphasis in drawing, from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. In May of 2005 I moved to Denver and quickly fell in love with the area.  After 14 years in Colorado, I made the decision to move to Wahoo, Nebraska, with my husband and children, to be closer to my parents due to my mother’s dementia diagnosis.

       Back in Nebraska, I found myself missing Colorado and to ease that longing, I purposed to connect with my community and put down some roots.  At that time, I clearly remember coming across a passage by Christie Purifoy, which spoke to my situation.  In her book, Placemaker, she writes, “What is placemaking?  It is deliberately sending your roots deep into a place, like a tree.  It means allowing yourself to be nourished by a place even as you shape it for the better…whether we intend to stay or know we’ll be moving in six months”.  That was it!  Allowing Nebraska to nourish me was making all the difference.  A year later, the pandemic hit and my interactions with friends and family became fewer and farther between.  I often walked around my town, observing the historic buildings, wondering what stories they held, and I started seeing them as portraits of people, in their own way.  So began my series of architectural drawings and watercolors and a deeper relationship to Nebraska.

      I also carve out time for creating playful whimsical artwork, which brings me right back to my childhood imagination.  I think it is important to make time for play because, besides nourishing the soul, it keeps me from taking myself too seriously.  Since I was very young, my mind has enjoyed escaping into magical miniature worlds, especially as I go on walks through natural landscapes.  A milkweed pod becomes a boat, an acorn top makes a lovely bowl, a chunk of bark might create the perfect roof, and so on.  Often, I’ll come home from a walk with such little treasures in my pocket.  Recently, in collaboration with UK photographer Simon Dell, I’ve been working on drawings and watercolors inspired by his playful “George the Mouse in a Log Pile House” photos.   What I often tell my children seems to be true, “you can never be bored with a good imagination”. 


Bunny Lund Studio by Brenda Groelz



Brenda is a watercolor and mixed media artist in Aurora, Nebraska.